The Church of St Boris

Anonymous, written in response to a piece of plastic in the shape of a cross with two horizontal bars and what was probably a crab’s claw or similar with elastic bands tangled around it, both picked up by Anna at Yesnaby in Orkney.

These holy relics are usually kept in a bejewelled casket, wrapped in the finest silks and kept in a locked safe at the residence of His Holiness the Chief Executive Officiant. They are only brought out to allow public veneration on the highest of high holy days such as this, the feast day of St Boris the Martyr. The double cross reminds us of the shocking betrayal suffered by St Boris at the hands of his own followers.

Our Temple is blessed to be the home of one of the most sacred objects of our faith – the little finger of St Boris himself. It was brought to the founders of our Church after his body was exhumed to inspect it for signs of corruption. This second step of the beatification process came after three accounts of visions at Lords and two independently verified episodes of medically unexplained hangover cures.