Dumfries and Galloway College students’ animations

On this page, you can watch short animations produced by students at Dumfries and Galloway College over spring/summer 2023.

We partnered with the Solway Firth Partnership and D&G Rotary to create a Brief for students on the Animation unit, asking them to create a 2-minute animated Waste Story. First, we took them to Newbie Shore on a freezing, windy and wet March morning. There, we picked up loads of rubbish. We took some of it back to the College campus and asked students to choose one or more items and start the process of making up a Waste Story. At the time, the Solway Hoard was on show at the Kirkcudbright Galleries, and we were developing the Bute, Eigg, Islay and Orkney Future Archaeologies – we therefore encouraged (but did not demand!) stories with a future orientation. The following animations were created between then and June 2023, with support and guidance from their wonderful unit lecturer, Penny Humphreys.

They’re all pretty amazing.

The Devil Wears … by Andrew Harris
The Robot Who Saved Earth by Connor Sloggett
War of the Seas by David McLaren
Bottle Bill by Elias Keir
Recycling Pirates by Ethan Dunlop
Lighters by Heather Sloggett
Breaking News by Leon Craig
Think About the Future by Lewis Fuller
Bleach Bottle by Lindsay Henderson
Wheel Trim by Munro Coltart
Bunnies Planet by Stan Bennett