by Hannah, in response to the rainbow unicorn

It’s exciting being technicolour, I’m like a brilliant firework, floating up, up, up in the sky!

What a life, this is brilliant, I’m getting to explore the whole world. I have to say the start was great, children everywhere. I love kids, so free, so full of excitement. I was a bit worried they would pop me, some of the boys got a bit confused and thought I was a pinata but Maggie rescued me and took me outside.

She had tears in her eyes. “I’m going to set you free my beautiful pony,” (sweet Maggie wasn’t one for detail and she’d failed to notice my horn) “that way they won’t hurt you”. And she let go of my string.

The wind caught me woosh! Up I went and seriously what a view! I could see houses and trees, rivers and excavators. A tree snagged me and some of my technicolour rubbed off on a branch.

“You’re welcome” I called to the tree as it waved me off on my journey, the wind building and swirling me around like a fairground ride.