Read Waste Stories

This page links to stories that have been generated in our workshops and in our work with Colleges and schools. Sometimes, people not only give us permission to publish their stories here, they also decide to give us their name.

Dumfries and Galloway College students’ animations, spring/summer 2023

Click here to view short animations created by students on the HNC Visual Communication.

Advanced Research Centre, University of Glasgow, May 2023

How to throw away a fence – Rhys Crilley

Silly string and a bag of confetti – Olga Cieslak

Technicolour – Hannah Hamilton

The Church of St Boris – anonymous

School of Education, University of Glasgow, March 2023

Abandonned – Dan

Rebels without a cause – Greg Singh

ARCadia, 30th September 2022

Hillhead Primary School

St Patrick’s Primary School

Stirling Creative Breakfast, 1st July 2022

Help yourself for free / Share our table – Wendy Niblock

Untitled (Slow decay, new life) – Kevin Harrison

The Telescope

The Cloak – Hannah Hamilton

University of Stirling, 16th March 2022 (facilitated by Ron Butlin)

Directions from the Jumble

Edinburgh, 23rd February 2022 (facilitated by Regi Claire)

Life Through Pink (Plastic) Lenses – Greg Singh

Boomerang – Ash McClenaghan

Prom – Greg Singh

A Feast of Souls – Anna Wilson